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  • Aug 5-11, 2009
  • Vol. 29, No. 43

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  • Ocean of Pearls

    Omid Abtahi (24) stars as Amrit Singh, a young Sikh surgeon struggling between the currents of career, personal ambition, family and tradition. He’s been picked to head up a new experimental organ transplant unit in Detroit, but that means breaking free from the comforting bubble of his close-knit suburban Toronto Sikh community, and away from his hardcore old-school father. Relocating stateside also means braving the TSA airport security, who red-flag his beard and turban and hassle him until his skills are needed in a medical emergency. Once in the D, he faces all sorts of new complications, including a flirtatious co-worker who tempts him from his longtime girlfriend back home, and a heartless medical system that often puts profits ahead of lives.
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  • The Scene
  • Funny People

    As Hollywood’s reigning sovereign of comedy, Apatow has made his Almost Famous, a rambling rumination about making it in showbiz, and how jealousy, loneliness, true love, mortality and other stuff get lost in the mix. Adam Sandler is George Simmons, a thinly veiled version of himself, a middle-aged movie star stuck in a hell of childish hits he’s too afraid to quit making. He spends his days brooding around his ocean-side villa, watching tapes of himself in happier days, between trips to the oncologist to treat terminal leukemia. Still addicted to limelight, George haunts comedy clubs where he stumbles on promising, shlubby comic Ira Wright (Seth Rogen), whom he hires as a joke writer, errand boy and confidant. It’s a dream job for the young and thoughtful Ira, who's soon having a blast, while George is battling illness and regrets. Funny People is humane, hilarious and warm, but it’s also disjointed, dark and overlong. Every good comic knows when to exit the stage as much as great directors know how to say “cut.”
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  • The Scene
  • The Merry Gentleman

    Michael Keaton directs and stars as Frank Logan, a morose hired gunman who’s lost the will to live, and after a bit of rooftop sniping, hops up on the ledge, ready to leap off. Lucky for him he’s got an angel of mercy on the ground who happens to be looking up, in the form of sweetly skittish Kate (Kelly Macdonald), and whose scream jolts Frank out of his stupor. He seeks her out, perhaps to simply rub out a witness, but ends up helping her with her Christmas tree and becoming her unlikely friend and protector. And Kate needs protecting, from a vaguely stalker-like cop (Tom Bastounes) who keeps asking her out, and from the abusive husband she’s run away from. If he actually had a budget Keaton might have been able to hire some better actors to fill out the supporting cast, but everyone outside of the leads feels distinctly summer stock.
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