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  • Sep 10-16, 2008
  • Vol. 28, No. 48

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  • Baghead

    Directors Jay and Mark Duplass maintain a steady hand on their stripped-down, improvisational film, integrating three disparate elements — slasher-in-the-woods horror, indie relationship flick and comedic satire — into a charming, ironic whole. A quartet of frustrated Los Angeles actors are stuck in the career cellar of extras and walk-ons. Convinced they can make a film better than the festival’s winner, We Are Naked, they hole up in a remote cabin in the woods for the weekend with the goal of writing the movie that will provide them with their breakout roles. Unfortunately, these four navel-gazers have no idea what to write, and so tequila, flirtation and jealousy become their weekend’s preoccupation. Then one of the girls has a nightmare about a Jason-like stalker with a bag over his head and the guys become convinced they have the plot for their film. But when a bag-headed figure starts lurking around the cabin, they can’t decide whether one them is playing a trick, or a real-life psycho is looking to slit their throats.
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  • True East

    Sharaku is the most authentic Japanese restaurant in metro Detroit, offering 25 daily-changing appetizers, including catches of the day, and a relatively short list of entrées. As in Japan, the decor is spare, blond wood, and meals are served with a minimum of pretension — just artful arrangements of the food and garnishes themselves. For sushi, you may want to branch out and try rolls of dried squash, burdock, ume shiso (green tea), natto (fermented soybeans) or orange clams.The chef’s choice “sushi deluxe” will come with 10 lovely nigiri pieces plus a roll, also with crunchy pickles of radish turned bright yellow and cucumber now purple, and a delicious opaque broth with the most delicate of scallions, still crisp. At the back of your menu, look for a long list of liquors (shochu) distilled from different grains: sweet potatoes, barley, rice, buckwheat or potatoes (the most popular). Takeout available for sushi only; party platters also available (minimum $25 order).
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