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  • Jan 9-15, 2008
  • Vol. 28, No. 13

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  • Terror’s Advocate

    With Terror's Advocate, director Barbet Schroeder has done more than simply profile French attorney and international provocateur Jacques Vergès. He has created a startling and compelling history of modern terrorism. Vergès has been intimately involved with terrorists of various political persuasions for more than 50 years, representing notorious clients from bombers and hijackers to deposed dictators accused of mass murder. Schroeder makes a convincing case that Vergès functions not only as a legal advocate, but is an active supporter of his clients, regularly crossing ethical boundaries to aid and abet those he so vigorously represents. Not that the elusive Vergès would ever directly explain his extracurricular activities. (The closest he comes is an abstract statement that crossing the "white line" leaves lawyers "vulnerable.") Throughout this documentary, Vergès coolly addresses the camera — never allowing the discourse to get too heated — with an all-knowing, cryptic smile that says more than he’s willing to articulate. Schroeder may never crack this tough nut, but he methodically puts Vergès in his place.
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  • By the slice

    Doing a mostly carryout business, My Cousin’s New York Pizzeria trades on the mystique of New York pizza. Their rendition is round, generally thin (although thick-crusted at the slightly charred edges), moderately greasy and eaten folded lengthwise. The slices, wider than the Detroit norm for round pizzas, are eminently foldable and the crust is thin and delicate until you arrive at the crunchy edge, which is always eaten last. Moreover, the seamlessly blended tomato and cheese are more lightly applied than in comparable Detroit varieties.
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