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  • Jun 13-19, 2007
  • Vol. 27, No. 35

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  • Severance

    Slasher films are the ramen noodles of horror: Stick a group of characters in a remote location, toss in a knife-wielding maniac then just add blood. Voila! Instant B-movie. Lately, there's been a return to the humorless brutality of early hack-and-stab movies. While the production values are much higher and torture has become the centerpiece, the genre hasn't evolved much. Still, if for no other reason than effort, Christopher Smith's Severance deserves props for trying to inject wit between decapitations and eviscerations.
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  • The Scene
  • Ocean's 13

    The best con men have a way of overriding our deepest suspicions, smoothly charming us into buying whatever guff they're selling; even if we sense deep down that we're being scammed. So it is with director Steven Soderbergh and his ever- swelling glamour gang of celebrity buds, as they slyly bluff their way through the third entry in the Ocean's series. Never mind that the retro/modern caper premise was thoroughly exhausted after the first go-round, or that the sloppy second episode came off like little more than a lavish extended European vacation on the studio's dime. Truth is, these cats are having too much of a blast to stop now, and they'll keep on swinging till long after curfew, so why not come along for the party?
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  • The Scene
  • Day Watch

    When last we left Anton (Konstantin Khabensky) of the "Night Watch," his estranged son, Yegor, decided to join the forces of the Dark after discovering Dad had tried to have him magically aborted after learning his wife had been unfaithful. Now a member of the same army Anton has sworn to fight against, the vengeful lad turns out be the Great One; a supernatural being who can help end the treaty between good and evil and usher in the apocalypse. Luckily, Anton and his pals with the Light have rookie/girlfriend Sveta (Maria Poroshina), as their Great One counterpunch. Unfortunately, their blond bonita isn't ready to do battle, so off they go, in search of the Chalk of Life, a magical... well, piece of chalk that can alter history and restore balance.
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  • The Scene
  • Offside

    Offside is kind of like a postcard from prison, and, though conditions are severe, the inmates are in good spirits and appear to be making the most of their bad situation. The action centers around a World Cup qualifying match between Iran and Bahrain at Tehran's Azadi stadium, where a half-dozen young girls attempt to join in on the nationalistic sporting fever inside. Women are forbidden from attending such sporting events there, but these ladies risk much just to root for their side. A group of bored soldiers prevent them from such simple soccer joys. These troops know how ridiculously sexist the rules are, but they follow orders with halfhearted professionalism, and round the girls into a makeshift holding pen before turning them over to the vice squad.
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  • The Scene
  • Surf's Up

    What if penguins could surf? Wouldn't that be like totally radical or something? Well, no, not so much, but try telling that to the boardroom full of clueless suits that green-lighted this dippy slab of CGI diversion about a big-time penguin surfing contest. Sure, surfing hasn't really seized the pop zeitgeist since Brian Wilson put a sand box in his living room, but penguins, well, duh; everybody knows those little waddling bastards are the hottest flightless waterfowl around. While the producers will no doubt deny that the late arrival of Surf's Up has anything to do with the success of say, the real birds in March of the Penguins or the cartoon tap dancers of Happy Feet, they'll be more than happy to ride the crest of popularity for the best-dressed critters in the animal kingdom. The wave-riding angle is just an excuse to insert copious amounts of pseudo slacker indifference, and a wash of ESPN2-style extreme games 'tude to appeal to both tweens and jaded Gen-X parents.
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Food & Drink

  • Table and Bar
  • Marinara on Michigan

    Deliziosa features traditional Italian cuisine with a few unconventional twists. Considering the gargantuan portions, and that mains come with soup or salad, you might pass on the appetizers. The entrées include fillet portabella, salmon with lemon sauce, eggplant Parmesan, and chicken Marengo, Marsala, and piccata. There are no wildcards among the 13 diverse pasta dishes, unless you think risotto belongs in a category of its own.
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