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  • May 17-23, 2006
  • Vol. 26, No. 31

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  • Just My Luck

    After a successful run of teen and preteen flicks, the raspy-voiced gossip-magnet Lindsay Lohan has decided to start her grown-up movie career with a dopey screwball comedy in which she throws parties for a living, battles suds from an overflowing washing machine and never utters anything more profane than the word "crap." This film is one of those cookie-cutter romantic fantasies that stars a gaggle of women in their early 20s, but in terms of wit and sophistication is really aimed at girls who aren’t old enough to drive themselves to the mall. It should do for Lohan’s career what Uptown Girls and Little Black Book did for Brittany Murphy’s -- nothing.
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  • The Scene
  • Poseidon

    A pointless remake of a disaster flick that was a joke to begin with, this new Poseidon gets rid of everything that was awesomely cheesy about the 1972 originalThe Poseidon Adventure — priests, ex-hookers, ridiculous costumes, Shelley Winters — in favor of would-be survivalist thrills and overblown CGI. Hell, there isn’t even a decently hammy cast: The film is packed full of today’s least-wanted B-list actors, including wispy, irritating women like Jacinda Barrett and Emmy Rossum, and gruff dudes who look more like Rogaine spokesmen than Hollywood actors. It’s not just that you don’t care about the characters; you don’t care about the people who made the film, not to mention the agents and executives who probably tacked a few Hummers and Malibu beach houses on to the reported $150 million budget. Poseidon takes not caring to a whole new level: It’s the Enron of summer blockbusters.
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  • The Scene
  • Water

    The setting is India, 1938. In the middle of the night, 8-year-old Chuyia (the singularly named Sarala) is awoken and informed that the boy she was to one day wed, whom she never knew, has died. Her head is then shaved and she is swiftly removed from her family’s home and sent to an ashram for widows, who are forced into seclusion and poverty by the rigors of tradition. Chuyia’s arrival creates a shock wave at the confinement center, a mixture of confusion, chaos and hope. The film's production caused intense controversy and outrage in India. The original sets were destroyed by fundamentalist Hindu protestors, and it took several years to complete the project (after a move to Sri Lanka under a blanket of secrecy). The chaotic move was fortuitous: It led to the casting of the gifted child actress Sarala, whose sparkling performance, along with the sheer beauty of the setting and cinematography, help keep the bleak subject matter afloat.
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  • The Scene
  • Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

    Recently widowed, Sarah Palfrey (Plowright) moves into the Claremont, a resident hotel where old Brits go to eat marmalade, watch Sex in the City and die in obscurity. One day she accidentally meets aspiring writer and all-around hunk Ludovic (Rupert Friend), whom she ends up passing off as her grandson to the other residents. Ludo and Sarah discover they have much in common and develop a May/December friendship filled with bittersweet, sometimes patronizing epiphanies about love, aging and finding the family you need. Inevitably, it all slides into the standard tearjerker.
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Food & Drink

  • Table and Bar
  • Grand fare

    Ideally situated for lunch for New Center workers and for dinner before and after the shows at the Fisher Theatre, the restaurant has an impressive atmosphere, with the art deco ceiling, gauzy, ceiling-to-floor curtains and large picture windows that provide views of the New Center’s impressive buildings. Despite the relative elegance of the setting, the fare is moderately priced with most of the eclectic main courses running less than $20 (add $3 for soup or a salad). The sophisticated wine list, however, befits a somewhat more expensive venue. Expect classics (oysters Rockefeller, confit of duck, lobster Newburgh on toast points) and some more down-home fare (homemade tater tots, chicken pops and paddles and shrimp corn dogs). Vegetarians will have to make do with a salad or Shanghai noodles. Deserves to be considered as a destination in its own right, and not merely a convenient place to dine while awaiting a night at the show.
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