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  • Dec 7-13, 2005
  • Vol. 26, No. 8

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  • Aeon Flux

    What is it that drives talented actresses to dive into a hot pile of cinematic crap soon after winning their first Oscar? Is a predisposition for professional self-destruction linked to the beauty gene? To be fair, Theron was paid $10 million (a career high) to bring the kinky animated assassin to the big screen and, though the film doesn’t include one original idea, it never reaches the deliriously campy heights of awfulness that Catwoman achieved.
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  • The Scene
  • First Descent

    Snowboarding is what a bunch of zit-faced, overprivileged kids with endless supplies of really good weed do when they want to kill time in the winter. But according to the new documentary First Descent, it’s the ultimate anti-authoritarian rush, a life-changing mission to “battle the establishment and overcome prejudice,” as narrator Henry Rollins says. In other words, look out, Rosa Parks: Your legacy is being threatened by a bunch of stoner white boys in need of Ritalin refills.
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Food & Drink

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  • Out of Africa

    At Taste of Ethiopia, the temptation is not to dwell too long on the Ethiopian bread, injera, good as it is, but to see it as simply the vehicle for delivering the various we’ts (stews) and t’ibs (sautes) to your mouth. The flavors cooked up are so deep and so true, you may suspect you’ve never really experienced a lentil or a collard so intimately, and at unbeatable prices. A meat-and-vegetable platter for two, with salad, costs $17-$19.25 — less than the price for one person elsewhere. No booze, no smoking.
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