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  • Sep 14-20, 2005
  • Vol. 25, No. 48

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  • The Scene
  • The Man

    Old white dudes trying to talk all gangsta-like are about as played out as taking cheap shots at Detroit. The Man is guilty on both counts. The movie – set in Motown but obviously shot on “kindler, gentler” Toronto soil – follows salesman Andy (Eugene Levy) on a business trip to Detroit. He gets mixed up with ill-tempered federal agent Vann (Samuel L. Jackson) and is roped into helping bust some slick gun thieves.
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  • The Scene
  • Lila Says

    Based on the scandalous French novella about an Arab teen’s flirtatious relationship with a French girl who counters her beauty with sexually brazen talk, this movie is all talk and no action. The actors are lovely to look at and director Ziad Doueiri is undeniably gifted, but the film has too little insight and too few revealing moments to justify the raunchy underpinnings. Despite a few stunning poetic moments, the superficial characters and a predictable narrative undermine what could have been a solid examination of sexual and racial identity.
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  • The Scene
  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose

    Half courtroom drama and half fright show, this effective if overlong horror flick introduces something that’s been missing from the genre for years: serious, thoughtful themes and subject matter. Though it has some flat, uninspired stretches, stellar performances make Emily Rose a uniquely haunting horror-drama hybrid.
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  • The Scene
  • An Unfinished Life

    This is not Swedish director Lasse Hallström’s (Chocolat, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) most singular work. The material is the stuff of made-for-TV-melodrama: A battered, widowed mom (Jennifer Lopez) runs back to her crusty old father-in-law, washed up Wyoming rancher Einar (Robert Redford). The one thing that truly feels fresh is the beautifully shot scenery (British Columbia standing in for Wyoming).
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  • The Scene
  • Murmur of the Heart

    Masturbation, pedophilia and incest seem like topics intended to shock and outrage an audience, but not in Louis Malle’s hands. In what’s essentially a coming-of-age romp inspired by his own childhood, French filmmaker Malle follows the fumbling antics of a precocious and intellectual mama’s boy. Malle, with his keen eye and gentle touch, follows Laurent’s raucous upper class family as they feud, play practical jokes and shamelessly indulge themselves in life’s riches.
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Food & Drink

  • Table and Bar
  • Escaping the lunch rut

    Located near Wayne State. Lebanese and Middle Easter-inspired menu which offers over 90 dishes and includes quesadillas, Cajun salmon, fettucine Alfredo and fish and chips. Also has bargain prices of $3.75-$5 for wraps and sandwiches.
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