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  • Apr 14-20, 2004
  • Vol. 24, No. 27

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  • The Scene
  • The United States of Leland

    A teenage boy murders his ex-girlfriend’s autistic younger brother, stabbing him 40 times. The killer, Leland Fitzgerald (Ryan Gosling), a bright, sensitive kid, has no memory of the murder. The movie becomes a slow teasing out of Leland’s motive for his explosive act, with an unsatisfying, unconvincing payoff.
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  • The Scene
  • Ella Enchanted

    A babe is cursed at birth when bestowed with the gift of obedience, which may have been a quality applauded in Mother Goose days, but is today’s kiss of death for teen princesses. Ella has her own strong-minded, good-hearted ideas, but someone should tell the writers that updated doesn't have to mean dumbed-down.
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  • The Scene
  • Intermission

    An emotionally damaged young girl is so bitter about life that she lets her mustache grow. A macho, fame-craving cop smacks around junkies and pees on the leg of a local hoodlum in a neighborhood pub. This is what passes for humor in this rancid Irish stew of a film directed by John Crowley.
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  • The Scene
  • James' Journey to Jerusalem

    James is a young African Christian making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, who is jailed by Israeli immigration, seen as an illegal looking for work. He gains freedom by working among Israel’s exploited day laborers. A mix of "small town boy comes to the big city" and exposé, the film has an appealing, light tone.
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  • The Scene
  • The Alamo

    This movie is just dying for someone to put a bayonet in its eye and leave it for the vultures, with its faux-macho speechifying and clownish symbolism so inane it’s embarrassing. With all that they had to work with, you’d think they could have crafted something slightly more engaging than this slobbering chunk of puffery.
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Food & Drink

  • Table and Bar
  • East side treasure

    The Kingdom Men’s Café, which opened in October 2002, is a project of the East Lake Baptist Church. The food is equal to many other soul food restaurants, but it costs less, your plate sits on linen tablecloths and the service is fastidious. The menu follows a standard formula among soul food restaurants: entrées, sides, cornbread and dessert. Entrées include baked and fried chicken, catfish and fried and smothered pork chops.
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