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    • Genetic menu planning

        Dr. Neal Barnard wants us to know that we don’t have to accept the fate that our genes deal us; we can counter our taste, fat storage, and aptitude for exercise function, simply by changing which foods eat.
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    • Young and healthy?

        The average American consumes lots of unhealthy junk food. We'd probably feel a lot better eating whole grains, vegetables, nuts ... but, like anything good for you, macrobiotics takes a lot of discipline.
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    • Fast fish

        Superior Fish Company in Royal Oak procures seafood from "all the waters of the world." An Icelandic halibut or a Lake Victorian Nile perch could be on your plate within 24 hours of being caught.
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    • Back from the outback

        Chef Keith Famie, our celebrity of the pots and pans, is in Australia for “Survivor II,” where he'll prove his mettle in the outback. Hopefully he'll return home and share his Aussie food adventures with us.
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    • Rage against the bread machine

        If you can operate a bread machine, then you are more than capable of carrying out the traditional bread-baking process, which allows you to produce a wider variety of bread textures. It's also a lot more fun.
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    • Pastry redeemer

        If we plan to stuff the cold, dark days leading up to Lent with maximum munching, then Polish baked goods are the only true way. And as a destination for this quest, where else but the bakeries of Hamtramck?
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    • Canine cuisine

        You may not think of your dog as a discriminating eater, but he might really appreciate an old-fashioned, home-cooked meal. Try our recipes for dog-style stew and frozen dessert – a real five-bark dinner.
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    • A stroke of potluck

        A bountiful office-party buffet gets one MT staffer thinking about the origins of the word "potluck" ... and the unselfish holiday spirit that inspires us to get together in the first place.
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    • Gadgets galore

        A simple pickle picker-upper was responsible for starting an ever-growing collection of kitchen gadgets ... try one or two of our gadget-collector's favorites.
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    • Electric food hookah

        Time to try another kind of backyard cuisine, from the electric water smoker. The results are extraordinary: polished, tender, juicy and infused with a smoky fragrance.
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    • Mystic mud

        Want to learn the inner secrets of a double mocha latte? Pay a visit to xhedos coffee shop, Ferndale’s very own Church of the Almighty Bean.
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    • Spicy business

        Rafal Spice in Eastern Market has almost two shelves full of mustard and about 120 types of hot sauce, plus coffees, teas and much more.
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    • One more try

        The owners of Maple Creek Farm, which sells organic produce and honey, say they are going to give it another year before chucking in their dream.
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