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    • Trash talk

      Anthropologist John Hartigan Jr.continues his walk through a white world
    • Fearless Freaks: The Wondrously Improbable Story of the Flaming Lips

        You’ll be hard pressed to find a film that captures the history and the personality of a band more honestly, or more movingly, than Fearless Freaks, director Bradley Beesley’s 14-years-in-the-making documentary on the Flaming Lips. Fearless Freaks is a genuine triumph, far less a boilerplate "band profile" than a fully developed narrative about how a handful of weirdos from Oklahoma drew the map for American indie rock, without snobbery, pretension or a labored sense of gravitas.
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    • Do the hustle

      Flint author’s teen novel is unexpectedly harsh — and funny
    • The Twilight Samurai

        Along with 2002’s MC5: A True Testimonial, Steve Gebhardt’s 20 to Life: The Life & Times of John Sinclair provides a sorely missed piece in American cultural history. Like Terry Zwigoff’s Crumb, a documentary it very much resembles in tone and structure, 20 to Life takes a damn-near mythological public figure and manages to humanize him, without indulging in hagiography or lessening his significance.
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