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    • A guy and his pies

        Home made dough & fresh toppings make the difference. Big guy's is the best pizza you will ever taste. we are a family onew and opperated business. we take great pride in bringing you a great pizza. we are open for lunch and dinner, even a late night snack. come in and enjoy a great pizza!
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    • Fine fresh French

        Grapevine-wrapped pillars, classical background music and jeweled murals. Entrees prepared to order. Vegetable broth-based French onion soup, bay scallops poached in vermouth. Warm salad of duck confit and lobster. Pastries are beautiful to behold.
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    • Nicely spiced fun

        Korean food can be as familiar to Americans as barbecue — or as alien as wine-marinated pork belly and cow's feet. Rest assured, even the most unadventurous diner can find something to like. Shilla's menu combines Korean with Japanese. This was done to increase the appeal of the restaurant, and because the cuisines complement each other. Begin with the more austere Japanese selections like sushi, suggests owner Don Kim, and then go on to a more robust Korean entrees.
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    • Wyandotte winner

        There are more than a dozen sandwiches on the menu at this eclectic neighborhood gathering place, including several vegetarian choices. After that, you have a choice of tried-and-true entrées of fish, pasta or meat.There is a full bar, a brief wine list and quality beer on tap. The Newcastle Brown Ale went well with all those anchovies. Draft root beer is an alternative for the young at heart.
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    • Deli pleasures

        Everyone has their own yardstick for measuring the quality of a deli. For me it is a pastrami sandwich. Like corned beef, pastrami starts as a brisket pickled in brine, but then the two meats part company. Pastrami is coated with cracked peppercorns, garlic and other spices, then smoked. Steve’s makes a great pastrami sandwich on hand-cut rye bread with a crunchy crust. It’s piled high with meat, but not so high that you can’t get your mouth around it. The sandwich is not too fatty, but not without fat, served with a good mustard, and two dill pickles, one “new,” one “old.
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    • Chained heat

        You can tell from Baja Fresh's motto, “No microwave! No can openers! No freezers! No lard! No MSG!” that this chain of Tex-Mex fast food is a king among men, so to speak. You can eat food that is fast and tasty, and not overwhelmed by a dunk in the deep fryer. And it's cheap. A family of three can have a hearty dinner for $21. For ambience, think highway restop: bright lights, menu on the wall, line up to order, self-serve drink bar, plastic tableware, etc. But don't let the décor fool you, the food is much more interesting, and more healthful than traditional fast-food fare.
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    • The art of the knife

        When you walk into Café Sushi you are greeted by a sleek sushi bar topped with black tile.The focus is for those who want to try Japanese food but are scared away by raw fish--no daring is required here. The food is delicious, the service above average, and there is something for every kind of diner, timid or adventurous.
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    • Stylish & Southern

        In nearly five years of restaurant reviewing, I have never had my napkin placed on my lap, but that’s how they do it at Sweet Georgia Brown. The entrées transcend the South, but are American favorites. They include provimi veal chops, fried lobster, crab cakes and filet mignon in a classic béarnaise sauce. We loved the fried green tomato salad ($9), which was served with baby greens and thinly sliced country ham
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    • Sushi, superbly

        An element of beauty is part of everything from the marble-topped sushi and yakitori bars to the tatami rooms and conventional tables with settings in shades of blue, green and brown. The full range of Japanese fare offers diners an extensive choice, and service by the courteous, well-dressed staff adds to the stylish feeling of the place. Even beef teriyaki, so often a routine dish, is superb here. This is much more than a typical strip mall eatery.
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    • A simple feast

        New Seoul Garden serves both Japanese and Korean food. We ordered the barbecue combination special ($22 per person, minimum of two), which comes with a simple soup of beef broth with scallions and green seaweed, an appetizer of gyoza (dumplings filled with ground beef, then pan-fried) and shumai (steamed dumplings, stuffed with minced shrimp), as well as dessert. The barbecue includes bulgogi (thin slices of beef), kalbi (cubes of boneless short ribs), saewu-gui (shrimp) and dak-gui (boneless chicken breast). All are marinated in a liquid that includes soy sauce, garlic, sugar and sesame oil. The fun begins when the hood is lifted from the grill that is set into the table. Then its copper surface is heated up and your server begins to cook. You can eat the meat plain, dipped in soy-based sauce, or wrapped in a leaf of lettuce, dabbed with a spicy ground soybean paste. Either way, it’s delicious. For dessert, go for the Japanese ice cream, a real treat, whether you choose green tea, red bean or ginger.
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    • Tiny, tony take-out

        Step inside Aunt Olive’s and you’ll be overwhelmed by the densely packed shelves and the stuffed refrigerated cases. You can buy wine and beer, all kinds of high-end munchies, desserts, freshly baked bread and pies, sandwiches, side dishes, and complete dinners-to-go (four prearranged choices including roasted chicken, meatloaf and pasta, along with sides, salads, and bread). Be sure to try the wonderful three-cheese macaroni; the hearty seafood cakes are tasty, too.
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    • Family Thai

        Rexy’s is an upscale version of a successful formula. The interior is interesting and elegant, with a saltwater fish tank and bold, tropical murals. For an appetizer, try koong houm pa ($6.50), large shrimp stuffed with minced pork, ensconced in a paper-thin wrapper, then briefly fried. Served with a sugary-sweet plum sauce, it's a lovely beginning. With most of the entrées, you can select your protein: chicken, beef, pork, tofu, shrimp, scallops or squid.
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    • Now that’s kosher

        Located inside the Jewish Community Center, Milk and Honey is a gourmet restaurant that just happens to be kosher. The menu is seafood and vegetarian, and the food is as good and as varied as at any comparable restaurant. Our reviewer loved the lusciously red ahi tuna and the pistachio-crusted sea bass, both perfectly prepared. The selection of vegetarian entrées is enough to rejuvenate the diet of even lifelong vegetarians, and some of the menu items are so good, you won't be able to resist them on a return visit.
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    • Restaurant rebirth

        "Upscale casual" is how chef Michael Schmidt characterizes it, with a new menu that ranges from hamburgers and pizza to high-end entrées. The revamped interior is whimsical and eclectic, and the menu is much the same: lots of good stuff without a unifying theme. Hamburgers mingle with port wine reductions and arugula-stuffed trout. Pizzas are topped with duck and chevre. Although there is an emphasis on fish, the menu also offers chicken, steak, duck, veal and pork, as well as a daily vegetarian special.
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    • Theatrical Italian

        With this premier location, across from Comerica Park in the same gloriously restored building as the Fox Theatre, it's a natural destination for theatergoers. Most menu offerings are simple and grilled, including three steaks, lamb chops, veal chops or char-grilled tuna, as well as three other seafood choices and seven pastas. The rustica pizza and calamari appetizers are good for starters.
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    • Sy Thai

        This is one restaurant where you ought to take the hot pepper rating seriously; even the mild spice level will prickle your taste buds. The little storefront eatery is a busy, noisy, friendly place, also doing a brisk take-out business. Each of 14 traditional entrées is offered with a choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu, vegetables, shrimp, squid or imitation crab — noodles, curries, fried rice and other dishes load up the menu. Reviewer Elissa Karg liked the fresh steamed mussel appetizer and curry noodles with squid; she'd return again and again for the tom kha soup (coconut milk broth laced with lime, with little straw mushrooms, scallions and fresh basil floating within).
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    • History & hamburgers

        Named after the railroad tycoon, Diamond Jim Brady's Bistro started as a bar and hamburger joint; it's celebrating its 47th year in business, and its 10th year in the Novi Town Center. The menu begins with bar food — "I still say we have the best burger around," says executive chef Mary Brady — but it goes on in all kinds of interesting directions, such as sweet potato burritos, shepherd's pie, and fresh fish. A full bar and a reasonably priced wine list, plus imported beers, homemade soups and classic dessert selections round out the menu.
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