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    • Savory Spanish holiday

        Authentic Flamenco over dinners of tapas and paella, all in your local Holiday Inn. Empanadas, three varieties of paella, plus a variety of seafood, meat and poultry entrées. Desserts include a classic flan, very rich, sitting in a pool of caramelized sugar with its lingering smoky flavor.
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    • Building better burritos

        Modeled after taco stands popular in the southwest, this tiny Royal Oak spot is packed with plenty of energy. The entrées are familiar: burritos, tacos, quesadillas and tacons (a fried tortilla folded into a cone). But add in choices of meats: Mexican beef or chicken (a stewed variety), grilled chicken or steak, Baja-style fish fillet (a mild whitefish fried in a beer batter) or ground beef, along with beans and rice or veggies, then add in your choice of toppings.
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    • Spare, with flair

        Shiro attempts to balance the opposing cuisines of Japan and France — Japan with its stark simplicity, France with its rich excess. This is an ambitious restaurant, still striving for inner harmony.
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    • Pan-Asian pleasures

        The menu combines Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine — with a few additions such as crab Rangoon and chicken curry — in an ambitious list of entrées, adapted to Midwestern tastes. Chef Nguyen’s version of Pho Dac Biet, a meal-in-a-bowl soup of beef and noodles, was good, with lots of brisket, meatballs and tripe.
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    • Roll your own entrée

        Thuy Trang offers a long menu of terrific, refreshing Vietnamese food in a strip-mall setting. No one speaks much English and the menu is cryptic at best, but the food is worth it. Especially check out the drinks, from pineapple shakes to a bean curd drink.
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    • Fine finny favorites

        With just 60 seats and a well-deserved reputation for wonderful fish, Streetside Seafood fills up fast every day of the week. A menu supplemented with three or four daily specials keeps things lively even if you’re a regular at this tiny eatery. Chef Sharon Juergens belives in cooking up, "... simple, well-prepared food that is well seasoned."
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    • Heaven is in the details

        What sets the Century Club apart is the attention to detail. The menu features solid favorites, heavily weighted toward meat-lovers, as well as vegetarian crepes and two fish entrées. A word of warning though: There are two theaters in the same building (the Gem Theatre and the Century Theatre), which can jam up the reservations desk especially on Friday and Saturday nights.
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    • Malt shop classics

        Comet Burger's concept of the '50s is pink vinyl and stainless steel chairs, Formica tabletops decorated with little boomerangs (you'll recognize them when you see them), album covers on the walls, lots of TVs, and, of course, sliders and malts. The malts alone are worth the trip. As for the sliders, they're sliders, but grilled onions improve the flavor considerably.
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    • Vegetarian in Madras

        Located along a stretch of Orchard Lake Road that is home to several Indian restaurants, Udipi is the only vegetarian one. Unusual and delicious dishes, including vada, a savory donut made of lentil flour and dotted with bright green cilantro, and dosa, a crêpe made of rice flour, filled to overflowing with tomatoes, potatoes and onions. House-made naan, too.
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    • Back Room bounty

        An east side institution since 1988, Steve's Back Room is aptly named; To get to the restaurant, customers must walk through the saloon-style swinging doors at the back of Steve's store. Unfortunately, what feels cozy at lunchtime on Wednesday can be claustrophobic on a weekend evening. So go for lunch.
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    • Sky-high caramel-apple pie

        Lunch options include "philly bello" sandwiches and shrimp burgers, while the dinner menu offers dishes such as chicken scallopini and pasta aioli. Desserts are the highlight, especially the caramel-apple pie.
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    • Snappy tapas

        Spanish cuisine is underrepresented in the metro Detroit area, making Sangria most welcome. The featured dishes, tapas and paella, require a leisurely schedule. With a pitcher of sangria and a good friend, you have the ingredients for an enjoyable evening.
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    • Legendary deli hangout

        Lou's has a friendly atmosphere where everyone seems comfortable. Diners can select from 41 different sandwiches with names such as Sherry’s Schtick (triple-decker of salami, coleslaw, Russian dressing), Felicia’s Chutzpa (triple-decker of ham, pineapple, cream cheese, lettuce, mayo), and Leo’s Yolk (two fried eggs, beef bacon, mayo). Open until 2 a.m. on weekdays, 4 a.m. on weekends.
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    • Game between games

        Iridescence is the Motor City Casino's elegantly decorated attempt to "break the mold" of casino restaruants by focusing on game and fish (Wild boar, Muscovy duck, Chilean sea bass) rather than more traditional steakhouse fare. The entrees are unique, tasty, and show special attention to detail, but the desserts are the real showstoppers.
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