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    • Surprising seafood & stout

        Lily’s Seafood is a hot spot that offers not only a stunning interior and friendly service, but most importantly a kitchen that believes homemade is best. In keeping with this idea, even the beverage menu includes house-made root beer, cream soda and four varieties of house-brewed beer. Both the entrées and desserts are special, full of mixtures of both flavor and texture.
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    • Eat the house

        Think of the food court at your local mall. Now ratchet up several notches, because everything is done to excess in casino-land. There are 10 food stations: The American Grill, The Bayou, The Wok (a miniature Mongolian barbecue), Mexican Fiesta, soul food, Italian, and a salad bar, coffee bar, ice cream bar and dessert bar.
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    • Light, lovely pierogis

        Ferndale is so fashionable that hip eateries are spilling over east of Woodward. Christine's Cuisine, the namesake of chef Christine Adams, is a casual, comfortable place to dine. The "cuisine" in this restaurant's title is appropriate because the intent is ambitious; there's an emphasis on the homemade, and there are plenty of hits among a few misses.
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    • Ode to soup

        Forté presents a menu full of magical combinations -- complex, rich flavors served with style. Every dish our reviewer tried was splendid, and the dessert tray looks like a work of art.
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    • Eating excellent eel

        There is a spare simplicity to Japanese food that makes it possible to savor each component of a dish. But if the thought of raw fish strikes fear in your heart, order tempura or teriyaki. Or go for the big bowls of udon and soba noodle soups. Chef Sayanthone offers free sushi classes on Saturdays, but call ahead.
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    • Time-travel diner

        The menu tops out at $1.61 for a double cheeseburger. The hamburgers are small and very greasy, but flavorful. Are they better than burgers at Big Boy or Wendy’s a couple doors down? No.
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    • Oodles of strudels

        At the Fiddler, they make their own strudel dough. What a treat! We had a slice filled with sour cherries and another with apples. Sprinkled with confectioner's sugar, the dough is paper thin and many layers thick. It is perfect
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    • Beyond waffle fries

        There is a difference between a sports bar and a restaurant. Champps falls in between. For a sports bar, Champps offers an extensive menu that goes way beyond burgers and waffle fries.
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    • A taste of tradition

        Moro's is somewhat of a time-warp -- including the fact that they offer old-fashioned (tuxedoed) professional service. Most entrees cost around $14 and include everything from soup to nuts. Owner Thomas Moro butchers his own veal, the specialty of the house included in 10 different dishes.
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    • A better back yard

        A sunny yellow building in northwest Detroit which features a garden of found objects in the front. Inside, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The barbecue is delicious, and every dinner comes with cornbread or a biscuit and two sides from the 14 varieties offered, including: candied yams, black-eyed peas, pinto beans, green beans, hand-cut French fries, potato salad, collard greens, real mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese.
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    • Art and pot stickers

        P.F. Chang's is part of chain, located in a posh mall and the menu strays from authentic. But it is a very good restaurant nonetheless. Entrees are excellent, and drinks include a variety of wine, beer and specialty drinks traversing many cultures.
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    • Outstanding onions

        A Passage to India serves perfectly good food, including some outstanding dishes, at prices somewhat higher than most Indian restaurants in the metro area. Service at Passage does not revolve around the notion of accommodating the guest. At dinner, Passage enforces a $7 minimum per person, which would be difficult not to meet if you brought any appetite with you at all.
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    • Savory soba soup

        Take Sushi is tiny and busy, squished between a Blockbuster Video and a barbecue place in a strip mall. Several varieties of Japanese beer come in 22-ounce bottles and cost $6 each. In the Japanese manner, no desserts are offered. There is takeout.
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    • Perfect pescatore pasta

        Cozy tables and flickering candles lend themselves to a warm atmosphere. Remember to convert to U.S. funds before you decide to pass up something due to the price. When you walk down Erie Street in Windsor's Little Italy, there are so many restaurants, it's hard to know where to stop. Now you know.
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    • Hot and puffy pitas

        Elie's menu is supplemented with a sheet of daily specials, but even the standard menu is full of unusual Middle Eastern delicacies and a dozen vegetarian entrees. A favorite for lunch, even though the supply of hot pita loaves can run short.
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    • Fish and tricks

        Waits of two or three hours on weeknights are de rigueur, and the menu is descibed as catering to the tastes of "middle america." Lots of fried dishes on the menu. Children like the show: Elephants roar, butterflies flap their wings, and every 20 minutes or so, lightning and thunder interrupt the flow of conversation.
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