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    • Beyond the Sea

        Perhaps they should have titled this film: Kevin Spacey’s Beyond the Sea. The late ’50s and ’60s crooner Bobby Darin gets the shaft in his own biopic, as Spacey insists on being the star of the show. That said, the film does offer a lovely stroll down memory lane, with some truly glorious song-and-dance numbers. If you can forgive Spacey’s raging egoism, the swingin’ big band renditions alone make the price of admission worthwhile.
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    • Testosterone

        Testosterone, the movie, is a painfully limp and lackluster effort, very loosely based on the gritty noir novel of the same name by controversial author James Robert Baker. The director presumably aimed to make a black comedy — only somebody forgot to make it funny. By far, the most entertaining points of the film are the sex scenes involving the smokin’ fine male cast (including former underwear model Antonio Sabato, Jr.) but even those are disappointingly PG-13.
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    • Star power

      Hokey script saved by stellar cast and smart direction
        The 2001 remake of the Rat Pack’s 1960 heist flick *Ocean’s Eleven* was actually quite entertaining. But Hollywood can’t leave well enough alone, so of course a sequel was made to cash in. But surprisingly, it’s not half bad. Sure, there’s enormous plot holes and a few terribly hokey conventions, but director Steven Soderbergh and the all-star cast shine so brightly they manage to cast a lovely veneer over all that pesky plot crap.
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    • This Corrosion

        Native Detroit filmmaker Mitch McCabe has tried to create a somber, thought-provoking film about death with this tale of goth kids running around the forest. The end result is SNL’s “Goth Talk” meets Blair Witch. Though it has some interesting moments, the film takes itself way to seriously — just like a goth kid.
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    • Broadway: The Golden Age

        This documentary is a touching and thoroughly enjoyable memoir of Big Apple theater from the ’30s to the ’60s. Dozens of stars of yesteryear are interviewed — some instantly recognizable, such as Carol Channing, Shirley Maclaine, Carol Burnett and Robert Goulet. The film is a bit schmaltzy at times and really goes for the heartstrings — but so does Broadway.
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    • State of suspense

      Acclaimed ex-Royal Oak author delves into Michigan murder
    • Justice

        The somber events of 9/11 play a critical role in this touching romantic comedy, and it’s a delicate balance of humor and tragedy. A cute, dorky comic book writer who’s still struggling with crippling grief over losing a close friend to the World Trade Center attack, so he cooks up an "everyday hero" based on an average New Yorker without super powers.
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    • Nothing Really Matters (Memories of Aging Strippers)

        If I could offer one piece of advice to writer/director Fred Newman, it would be this: Stop while you’re ahead, pal. Never have I been so charmed by the beginning of a film, only to recoil in horror as it devolves into a train wreck of repetitive dialogue and a bludgeoning with the obvious. It’s a textbook case: A man should never attempt to write and direct a chick flick.
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    • Monster

        Charlize Theron submits the most riveting performance of her career in the role of Aileen "Lee" Wuornos, whose nightmarish life of abuse ends in her execution as a serial killer. As disturbing as it is riveting. Also starring Christina Ricci.
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