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    • Here and there

      Prohibition gains ground in Europe, even as U.S. legalization fight continues
    • Where the movement began

      How, 40 years ago, Sinclair and company laid the groundwork for today
    • Pot, polls & politics

      From police to public polls, attitudes are changing, but upholders of the status quo won’t let go
    • Raise high the Cup

      Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup spurs and rewards creativity
    • Cannabis Cup in the D

      Big event comes to town, and Dana Beal's ibogaine odyssey
    • Let It Grow

      Fighting back for freedom on two continents
    • Is this 'high-level crime'?

      Detroit pot bust coverage unfairly equates growing operations with violent crime
    • News galore

      Reports from around the globe on the War on Drugs
    • War and memory

      Police and prosecutors' abuse of asset forfeiture laws criticized
    • Smoking out tourists?

      Closing off access to coffee shops in the name of 'combating drug tourism'
    • Turning back time

      Amsterdam authorities try rolling back the country's successful experiment in decriminalization
    • When in Florence

      Finally, a card that recognizes marijuana as medicine across the EU
    • Sacramental herb

      Words of praise for marijuana's spiritual properties
    • That hippie sacrament

      On believing in personal freedom and living outside the social mainstream
    • What war has wrought

      The War on Drugs: When the solution is worse than the problem
    • Hash Bash to 420

      Ann Arbor: Opposing the War on Drugs early and often
    • Lennon smoked too

      Imagine: What if they had a War on Drugs and nobody came?
    • Life on the road

      A bit of thievery leaves our correspondent free and easy
    • Das Hemp-Kapital

      A look at the seminal figures behind Amsterdam's thriving marijuana businesses
    • Read the news ... oh, boy

      Still shrill: Opponents of pot as histrionic as ever.
    • Conspiracy theories

      Reader reactions to drug policy enlighten

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