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    • Not that Kenny G

      It’s Kenneth Goldsmith, a DJ, anti-writer and guy who tries to corrupt minds wherever he goes
    • Genius on the stage

      The legendary Glass-Wilson opera comes to Ann Arbor
    • ONCE again

      Founded the same year Motown incorporated, the area's premier avant-garde fest returns to flout the anti-pop odds
    • Born in Flames

      An imagined post-punk, post-patriarchal world filled of kick-ass female revolutionaries
        An early ’80s landmark of indie and queer cinema directed by Detroit-born Lizzie Borden, Born in Flames presents a fragmented narrative of the struggle of a disparate group of revolutionary women in a not-too-distant future dystopia.
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    • White Lightnin’

      Classic indie doc gets the indie feature treatment
        The shot-on-video documentary short "Dancing Outlaw" allowed Jesco White, of Boone County, W.Va., to tell his “real people” story of juvenile delinquency, gas huffing and redemption. White’s triumph over adversity came through channeling his energy into the Appalachian folk form of mountain dancing, an art he learned from his father. Now comes the movie “Inspired by the life of Jesco White.” But first-time director Dominic Murphy and first-time screenwriters Eddy Moretti and Shane Smith take White’s story to a much darker place. This disturbing film, filled with mood swings and violent, explicit revenge fantasies, shows a Jesco White that walks the line between the mountain-dancing straight and narrow, and the evils of substance abuse and vengeance obsessions. As the substance-inhaling demons within him simmer, and White fantasizes about extracting revenge on his neighbors who murdered his father, the film’s creators throw in a little Requiem for a Dream, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, maybe even Passion of the Christ — there’s a twisted, distorted theology at work in this film that culminates in White’s grotesque auto-crucifixion.
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    • WR: Mysteries of the Organism

      'Comrade-lovers, for your health's sake, fuck freely!'
        Makavejev’s visit to the Reich Orgonon compound in Maine leads to some small-town moments straight out of Vernon, Florida, like a discussion with the town’s deputy sheriff-cum-barber regarding Reich’s distinctively gravity-defying coiffure. Reich’s son Peter remembers the townspeople’s hostile reaction to his dad, who, the Main Street rumor had it, spearheaded “a secret Jewish organization that was masturbating patients in orgone accumulators.” Scattered throughout, and appearing at opportune moments for the film’s radical montage, are interviews with some of Reich’s disciples, an appropriated 1946 drama about Stalin, the anti-authoritarian antics of Tuli Kupferberg of the Fugs, the plaster-casting of the penis of a Screw magazine editor, and transgendered Warhol star Jackie Curtis revealing intimate details about her love life.
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    • Unleash the sounds

        Ann Arbor's AMG Edgefest is back, with music from all sorts of other fringes, more cuttingly beautiful than ever.
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    • Jazz messenger

        Edgefest standout Ken Vandermark brings 5 degrees of avant-jazz inspiration to Ann Arbor.
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    • Meta-Mahler

        New York-based pianist Uri Caine has assembled an amazing group of musicians to rev up the classics ... using jazz riffs and turntables to reinterpret the works of classical composer Gustav Mahler.
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    • Autobahn road trip

        German electronic duo Mouse on Mars delivers monsters of rock to dance floor thinkers by flipping switches, twisting knobs and even (gasp!) strumming strings.
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    • Guerilla culture-jam

        From the lowliest cable-access commercial to the latest Pepsi ad, found-sound collective Negativland treats the pre-existing cultural spectrum as a readymade source for its sonic collage art.
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