Wayne County executive election guide

MT’s Q&A's with the candidates

Jul 23, 2014 at 9:51 am

It's every political wonk's favorite time of the year: Election season! Though it's an off-year, Wayne County voters have an important choice to make in picking their next executive. There's 3 candidates in the race along with 11 Democrats. Although the election is partisan, the position typically falls to a Dem, though we'll still profile the Republicans, one of which will still, nevertheless, faceoff in the general election this November. A large pool of candidates are looking to oust incumbent Robert "Bob" Ficano, who's running for a third-term. Below is selected responses to a number of questions posed by this rag. At press time, Democratic candidates Adam Adamski and Sigmunt Szczepkowski Jr., as well as Republican candidate Daniel Wenderlich, either did not respond to multiple requests for a response or could not be reached.

Bill Wild
Bettie Cook Scott
Bob Ficano
Christopher Wojtowicz
Cindy Darrah
Fred Bolden
John Dalton
Kevin McNamara
Phil Cavanagh
Russell Leviska
Warren Evans

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