Treat yo'self!

Level Naturals Soaks Don't Suck ($10)

A lot of things in life suck. Getting a pay cut sucks. Losing sleep to worry sucks. Having a bad attitude sucks. But you know what doesn't suck? Taking a long, luxurious bath. That really does not suck. Level Naturals makes this line of bath salts that answers every worry, woe, ache, and pain you might have. Insomnia, muscle aches, PMS — you name it. These salts are organic and made with ingredients like pure eucalyptus oil, lavender flowers, jojoba, arnica, kaolin clay, and mineral rich salts. You can pick them up at local boutiques like Nora, where they run around $10 for a one-pound bag. That's totally worth it to have a bath that doesn't suck, right?

DSE Soy-Blended Candle ($10)

James Morris isn't just the owner of DSE Boutique, he's also the creator and maker of his store's own line of candles. He mixes all the scents himself and pours each 6-ounce soy-blended candle into its tin canister. Some of his in-stock scents are orange moon, cinnamon latte, lavandula sage, ginseng guava, papaya patchouli, cocoa fig, tonilla, and black currant — but you can always expect Morris to be mixing up new and exciting aromas. Though they might look small, each tin promises 30 to 40 hours of burn time. They're made with soy wax, vegetable-based stearic acid, premium fragrance, and that's it. You can pick up a stockpile in store (trust us, you won't be able to buy just one) or order a slew online at

Immerse Spa at MGM Grand Casino Hotel

There are spas, and then there is MGM's spa. What's the difference? MGM's spa, Immerse, has an infinity pool. It also has poolside dining, a fitness center, a hot tub, a steam room, a relaxation center, beautiful locker rooms, and services like facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, and more. The full sensory experience includes calming scents, soothing music, soft lighting, and tranquil decor. A stay in MGM's four-diamond hotel gets you access to the spa, or you can pay $25 for a day pass. You'll forget you're in Detroit, let alone a massive casino.

Cellar Door Soaps ($6)

Soap is one of life's little luxuries. Yes, you can buy the cheapest bar the grocery store has to offer, or you can spend a little more for something more special. Cellar Door, a local soap maker, deals in the "something a little more special" variety of soaps, using plant-based products and skin-safe fragrance and essential oils. The result is beautiful bars that smell heavenly. Sex machine is a big seller for men, and women will love the jezebel scent. Other olfactory offerings include Dapper Dan, moxie, rosemary mint, medieval mist, sandalwood, and almond vanilla. You can pick them up plenty of places around town, including Catching Fireflies in Rochester, Yellow Door Art Market in Berkley, and City Bird in Detroit, or buy them online at

Brunch at Rugby Grille

Does treating yourself include sometimes splurging on a fancy meal? Absolutely. And Birmingham's Rugby Grille deals exclusively in fancy. It's attached to the Townsend Hotel and opens every weekend at 6:30 a.m. to serve a very special brunch menu. Seafood Florentine, strip steak and eggs, a New York bagel with Nova Lox, and a lobster omelette are some of their more upscale offerings, while staples like pancakes, oatmeal, and corned-beef hash appeal to those looking for a comfort-food fix. When the weather's warm, don't forget to ask to be seated on their pretty patio — it's a worthy alternative to the leather-bound chairs and white tablecloths of their main dining room.

Coconut Oil Body Butter from Pure Shea Store ($10)

Like a lot of small companies, the Pure Shea Store was founded out of necessity. Chris Thigpen wanted soaps and lotions like his Grandma Pearlie used to make. So he started making them himself in his own garage in Maryland. Fifteen years later, he has stores in Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; and Detroit's own Eastern Market. His products are made with the same recipes his grandmother used, including the same love, care, and attention, but all animal fat has been replaced with shea butter. All products are natural, free of GMOs, and parabens, and have never been tested on animals. This tub of coconut oil body butter will keep you silky smooth, despite the drying effects of climate control and winter's whipping winds.

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