The 2022 Fiction Issue

Metro Detroit writers and artists take on the theme ‘Conjuring Future Visions’ and meditate on what lies ahead, guest edited by Nandi Comer and deputy editor Zig Zag Claybourne

May 18, 2022 at 4:00 am

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The Land Knows Us By Name

By Christiana Castillo

Knows me
The seeds in my throat

How my bis bis bis abuela planted maíz in Jalisco
How my abuela planted maíz

Created space for pollinated golden tassels
To reach towards the sky
Next to clouds of smoke in Detroit

The land remembers their names
Knows every shape of their body
All their curves, the scars,
self-proclaimed beauty marks
Even in decomposition
The land remembers

Knows the seeds I keep in my throat
The maíz I plant on Anishinaabe land
And the seeds I always save

Knows how I dream of seeds
Covered in dirt
So I know my lineage is
Seeds covered in dirt

Christiana Castillo (she/ella) is a Mexican-Brasilian-American poet, educator, and gardener.