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Metro Detroit writers and artists take on the theme ‘Conjuring Future Visions’ and meditate on what lies ahead, guest edited by Nandi Comer and deputy editor Zig Zag Claybourne

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future sermon # 1 | WHAT IF I TOLD YOU (abridged)

By Cherise Morris

What if I told you that we are revolution unfolding,

that cain’t shit scare you when you realize who you really are

that your healing was your inheritance

that you and I, we, are bigger than our problems, more brilliant and beautiful and wise than our undoing, fiercer than our mistakes and more formidable than any force working against us.

What if I told you that all the tools we need, we already have within

that it was, in this time, when we waited, wanted, wished

for change, for growth, for love and transformation, healing and hope and safety

that it was,


all along

we were transformation in the flesh and bone

we were the happily ever after

we were the substantiation of our wildest dreams

As if we were everything we’ve ever awaited

As if we were lightform coming home

As if we were all we needed to get free.

What if I told you that you were magic unfolding and you and me, we got the power to shift the reality of everything we’ve ever known to be true

that the world we been dreaming up, is not only possible but promised

and no — it won’t be perfect but it can be just and accepting and embracing and understanding,

it can be honest and loving and kind,

it can be wiser and more beautiful and divine,

it can support us all in living better lives.

And what if I told you how we’ll get there —

with our loving and our healing and our fearlessness

with our intention and our consistent actions and efforts, our unbreakable will and our diligence to show up and show out as the best version of self we can possibly be at every moment, even and especially amid crisis.

We will do it by listening to the wisdoms whispered by the wind,
by looking in the mirror and noticing the ancestor holding your hand,
by sitting with yourself and remembering how divine you really are,

the vestige of heavenly bodies that had to be broken to become whole, you were made in the image of God,

And cain’t shit scare you when you realize who you really are.

What if I told you, it was this, this whole time, it was us
We are the change that’s gone come.
We are possibility untamed.
We are magic in motion.
We are revolution, alive.


Cherise Morris is a writer and spirit worker dreaming towards a future, free.

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