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Meyers & Plymouth | Detroit, MI 2004

By Justin Rogers

Me and my friends lived on

Meyers a two lane street lined

with leaning trees and bungalows

connecting major streets

Joy Rd.



We lived too far from Joy Rd. to call it ours—

instead we praised Plymouth—


Chanted this on playgrounds.

Painted it on industrial dumpsters.

We wanted to own something

Our piece of Plymouth was unheard of

but we knew P-rock was the rawest

way to consume all of Detroit:

Liquor store pizza and hot fries.

Traps posing as penny candy stores.

Boys on the bus draped in Pelle Pelle.

When the Pistons won the '04 finals

our parents stood in the potholes singing

"We Are the Champions"

loud enough for the Joy Rd. boy's

candy paint Caprice Classic

to prowl down Plymouth playing

the song in-between Slum Village and Jay-Z.

That summer we were only left wanting time

to stop so we could steep in our joy,

so we could own a version of Detroit filled to the brim

with victory

Justin Rogers is a Black Detroit writer and author of Black, Matilda (Glass Poetry Press 2019).

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