Six gift ideas for the stoner in your life

We found most of these items at Heads Up Boutique in Mount Clemens (50 New St., Mount Clemens), but a lot of these items can be found at Amazon. Heads Up is one of the longest-running businesses in Mount Clemens (going strong since 1969) and is one of the most eclectic head shops that we’ve been to in all of metro Detroit.  

Grinder: $40 There are many different grinders on the market, but this little guy has a secret compartment that comes out of the side for you to easily get your weed. It’s a great grinder, and you get to skip the mess that easily comes with a normal one.

Crank Grinder: $50 Grinding up your weed can easily lead to carpal tunnel (at least your medical marijuana can help with that!) so this grinder has a nifty crank thingy so you don’t have to twist your arm over and over again.

Pink bong: $24
Bongs are supposed to be decorative and fun, and nothing looks better than a bright pink bong to enhance your smoke sesh. Plus, if you’re a fan of the stoner comedy Broad City, then this bong is right up your alley. We can totally see Ilana and Abby getting down with this one.

Gandalf Pipe: $39.99
Ever wanted to get stoned and pretend that you’re an old cryptic wizard of Middle Earth and everyone should fear the ground that you walk on? Then the Gandalf Pipe is for you. Smoke out of this long-ass pipe, contemplate life, pretend to cast a spell, and then eat a sandwich.

Super Bowl: $38.95
We’ve all been there: You’re smoking with some of your friends, everyone is having a great time, but the bowl runs out before it can even get everyone in rotation. Enter the super bowl. This bowl is yuuuge and surely will not run out before everyone can get a hit. Pro tip:Smoke out of it while watching this year’s Super Bowl for a real mind-fuck.

Electric Grinder: $19.95
Just when you thought smoking weed couldn’t get any more lazy, let us introduce to you the electric grinder. These battery-operated toys do all the work for you, and it’s amazing. You just put the bud in the little contained area, press the grind button, and then your weed is magically ground up right before your eyes. Smoking weed has never been this great.

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