Broke party people, rejoice: Pontiac’s Creepy Cheapy Halloween party is back

click to enlarge Creepy Cheapy returns. - Mike Pfeiffer
Mike Pfeiffer
Creepy Cheapy returns.

These are some divisive times. Vaccines? What makes a “Bad Art Friend”? That new Adele song? But there is one thing we think we can all agree on: being broke sucks.

For its unluckiest year, the 13th annual Creepy Cheapy, is, once again, throwing the ultimate Halloween party for all of us broke bitches. OK — so back in the day, Creepy Cheapy cost the same amount as five $1 value menu McChickens, but now, for the low, low price of $13, you can enjoy free candy, contests, and the opportunity to buy cheap-ass booze. It’s also a great opportunity to see your favorite bands — dead, alive, or broken up. This year, 23 supergroups and solo acts are covering some of our favorite bands, including Alive as Daft Punk; Ladysse as Britney Spears; Karl Havoc as Weezer; the Purps as Guns N’ Roses; Shay Rein as Lana Del Rey; James Gardin, Joshua Smith, Melissa Carter, and Friends as DMX & the Ruff Ryders; Coffin Flop as Nine Inch Nails; and Carmel Liburdi & Friends as Josie and the Pussycats; among others.

As for costumes, well, they’re mandatory. But seriously, don’t empty your pockets trying to upstage your roommate's costumes because Creepy Cheapy is all about honoring creativity and tight budgets. Skip the big-box Halloween store with off-brand costumes — that means no ”boy wizard with glasses,” “cyber man,” or “juice demon”— that smell like flammable plastic. Hit the thrift store or, better yet, your own closet and make shit happen, because that’s what broke party people do.

1 S. Saginaw St., Pontiac; 248-858-9333; Tickets are $13. Event takes place Friday, Oct. 29 and Saturday, Oct. 30 at the Crofoot.

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