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Here are the MT staff's karaoke jams; what are yours?

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In anticipation of the feature on Jenny Junior's karaoke night at UFO Factory, I asked my coworkers for their one pick, the song they most enjoy, when  singing at a karaoke night. They all replied, and their answers are below.

"I Would Walk 500 Miles." Just because I love that song and saying, "dun dun-da-dun-lun-dud-a-lah-dah-dah" —Alysa Offman

I think "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is a good one, because the effect it has on the women in the room can be tremendous, inspiring arm-waving theatrics and interpretive dance, especially during the dramatic, spellbinding bridge. Also because everybody knows the melody and maybe one or two lines of lyrics, which is just enough to bait you into trying to sing along — even though you don't know the words, Bright Eyes. Needless to say, a room full of women swooning and roaring as unintelligibly as Pentecostalists is quite a sight to behold!" —Michael Jackman

I exclusively sing "Bad Moon Rising." —Ryan Felton

"Walk on the Wild Side," simply because for those who can't sing, or even sing half-decently, or even sing badly with no shame, it's a few minutes of talking and friends usually join in for the do-dodo-do refrains. Sure, it's not a party starter, but it gets you into the action without feeling like everyone in the room is secretly decrying your temerity to grab the mic and destroy their ear drums. --Vince Grzegorek

I like Amy Winehouse's "Rehab." It's a fun song that just clips along, without any awkward instrumental breaks. Plus, you can do it drunk (in fact, it's probably better if you are). —Lee DeVito

And me, myself? My karaoke jam is "White Wedding." It happens to mostly be within my minimal, low vocal range, and then it's got that great "Start Agaaaaaaaiiiiin" shout part in it. My other karaoke favorite is "L.A. Woman." I don't think you should pick a karaoke song that is a song that you love. It helps if you even hate it a little bit. Unless you're a pro-level singer (in which case you should almost never karaoke, that's showing off), you're going to murder this song, so why do that to your very favorite song ever? —Mike McGonigal

What is your one karaoke jam? Please feel free to tell us in the comments section below.

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