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Spin The Go-Rounds new 7"; Sub Sprawl's Seattle signing

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Kalamazoo conjurers of sweetly-psyche-shrouded Americana and a rock-rustled dream-pop, the Go-Rounds will release their 2nd proper full length out at the end of this month on Double Phelix.

But before then, they've got a 7" featuring said-LP's titular track: Feathername -as well as a streaming single previewing another single from the album at their label's main site:

Listen: The Go Rounds - "Dull Hums from Hymns of Thee" 


On side one, the Go-Rounds revel in the sounds that linger, less punch, kick and blare and more of a drawn-out echo, vaporous reverb, murky, melodious dreams that never quite discorporate, with that hazy and honeyed vocal lilting round the room like extinguished candle smoke. Cool, creepier Americana coming out of Kalamazoo.

The twang and tustle comes out on side two, more rollicking, assuredly, with guitars bending out warmer tones and the keyboards given room to warble, it’s more of a chair-sliding, table breaking vibe, still effectively highlighting what lead singer/songwriter Graham Parsons considered their initial “freak/boogie” sound.

~Meanwhile, my ears are being wrung and pummeled by the fiercely buzzing, broadsword-slicing post-rock clatter of Seattle-based quintet The Fruiting Bodies, the latest of Ann Arbor-based Suburban Sprawl's roster to put out some tunes (out June 12).

Hear: The Fruiting Bodies - "Wilderness Pill"


This sort of deeply-dug-groove-minded roar-rawk might conjure cliched categorizations like "space(y)" but that'd only be in reaction to the expansiveness of their sound, the guitars do, in fact, soar -and do, yes, sound like doom-devastated jet engines, the bass keeps the pedal pressed and the octopus-drum hits surround you. Space-rock, maybe, but that's only because wrapping your head around their sound feels like -space itself is either collapsing around you or detonating-outwards into some glorious-howled oblivion.



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