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Why wouldn't you make this essential Brooklyn trio a regular staple of your diet? They've got all the daily punk pop requirements you need — meaty riffs, cheesy posturing, seedy lyrics and pickled livers (these boys like to party heartily, as their opening salvo "Let the Good Times Roll" emphatically states). And, like so many of our minimalists of note these days, they ain't got no use for a bass player. Still, it's hard to imagine this album rocking any harder than it does, and, anyhow, the lack of bottom just makes it sound more like Raw Power. Plus you've got the stand-alone vocal prowess of Joe Bradley, who combines Joey Ramone's slurring with Glenn Danzig's roaring, the perfect combination for selling a song like "Hot Streets": "All the rich, they just get out of town/But I know you, you're still gonna be around." You may have heard their life-affirming anthem "Derby Day" on a recent Jeep Compass commercial. But I think if you had, you'd have remembered it. That would have been the day you started a religion around these guys.

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