Best Of 2018

Best Bloody Mary
Austin Evans Eighmey

2460 Market St., Detroit; 313-393-1711;

What makes a Bloody Mary great? In a city where Bloody Mary aficionados have a bevy of beautiful bloodys to choose from, why did Vivio’s Food & Spirits take the gold? Two words: Meat. Straw. OK, so we’ll need more than two words to describe the bountiful monstrosity that is Vivio’s Big D. At 32 oz., your best bet is to bring your face to the mug, as lifting it risks injury. Yes, this bad boy comes with plates and silverware — you’ll have to eat your way to the bottom, as the Big D is topped with a colony of bacon, a crispy lettuce leaf, spicy asparagus spears, prosciutto-stuffed olives, sliced provolone, that aforementioned meat straw, pickle spear, and even a hard boiled egg nestled among the jungle of flavor. —Jerilyn Jordan