Best Of 2018

Best DJ: DJ Danny D

DJ Danny D.

At some point in the mid-2000s everyone with a MacBook and a decent set of headphones decided they were going to become a DJ. But when it comes to entrusting the task of getting a party started and keeping it going until the break of dawn (or last call, in most cases), metro Detroit knows better than to relinquish control to just anyone. Enter DJ Danny D — a real crowd-pleaser. Danny D, aka Dan Duchateau, says it’s a natural high to see people dancing to his sets. It is his penchant for good timing that is far and away his greatest gift as an entertainer making his ability to make Top-40 hits sound exciting a close second. “I am so grateful to have come this far with something that started as a hobby in my garage,” Duchateau says. “Always believe in yourself and follow your dreams.” —Jerilyn Jordan

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