Best Of 2016

35 E. Cross St., Ypsilanti; 734-340-2941;

When you get a pre-rolled joint, you're paying for convenience, so expect prices to be a bit steeper, but oh-so-definitely worth it. Depot Town offers two types of pre-rolled joints: a premium, which comes in the strains of Death Star, Couch Lock, OG Kush, and Durban Poison, and a regular joint, which is a house blend hybrid. Prices range from $8 to $10. The Ypsilanti dispensary offers a free pre-roll with every eight purchases.

737 E. Nine Mile Rd., Ferndale; 248-677-0178;

There's more options than ever for smokers with the advent of e-cigs etc., meaning it's super important to find a smoke shop that's up on the latest. Enter: Tha Head Shop in Ferndale. Ranging from a wide array of Juicy Jay's E-Juice to vape pens, Glass Hand Pipes, water pipes, and beyond, the staff at the shop offers an unparalleled range of items that's sure to match every smoker's style.

25940 Michigan Ave., Inkster; 313-561-7969

It's hard not to drive past the Station and not have your interest piqued, with its exterior wood paneling, red-painted garage doors, and lingerie-wearing mannequins in the storefront window — like a country antique store with a twist. Inside you'll find pipes, vaporizers, T-shirts, e-cigarettes, body jewelry, "and a bunch of other stuff you have to be 18 years or older to see," according to the store's Facebook page. The former Texaco gas station got into the paraphernalia business in 1973 amid the gas crunch and never looked back. Taxidermy animal heads, vintage gas pump globes, and a pet cat and snake add to the store's unique charm.

3340 Eight Mile Rd., Detroit; 313-305-4040

Fantastic name aside, House of Dank is the people's choice when it comes to offering more than just mids. The dispensary boasts an enormous selection of high quality strains, concentrates, and infused products, and it even has its own app. Seriously. Search for House of Dank on your preferred app retailer and see all that the shop has to offer.

12632 Eight Mile Rd., Detroit; 313-821-4350

This Eight Mile dispensary is known for having not only a friendly staff, but a well-versed and knowledgeable one. As marijuana smoker "Blakewzrd" wrote on a forum about the Fuego staff, "Felt like a friend! Hilarious and friendly staff! Best looking buds in town. Good deals often."

2245 W. Liberty St., Ann Arbor; 734-369-8573;

This Ann Arbor dispensary is something of a mainstay in the Michigan medical marijuana world. Located in a simple purple building, the People's Choice is known for its wide selection of bud and friendly staff. Busy? Patients can sign up in person for future use of their online ordering system.

18495 Mack Ave., Grosse Pointe; 313-423-6892

What winning ways earned Dillon this honor? A coworker says that Dillon is really friendly, outgoing with patients, always looking for ways to take care of them within their budget, and knows everything, from edibles to concentrates to the flower itself.

Available at Shake and Bake; 20477 Schaefer Hwy., Detroit; 313-340-2253

T-R-A-N-Q-U-I-L-IZ-E. With a reputation as a heavy sedative with a sweet flavor, King Bubba is known to relax people. That's right, sit back and relax like a king as your muscles unclench and a heavy, dreamy euphoria washes over you. But watch out and don't smoke too much, as is explained on BudList: "This smooth, tasty smoke will make you want to take another hit, but overindulgence can lead to couchlock and major munchies."

Ann Arbor's Kirk Reid first started baking with the stuff that gets you baked back when he was weaning himself off pain pills almost a decade ago. "Medibles" provided relief, but the taste of many of the confections was often overwhelming and unappealing. Reid has learned every trick in the book since then, creating sugar-free treats for diabetics, and winning prizes with his Key lime cheesecake and his Oklahoma sweet cake. Reid's edibles are available at The Green Door, Depot Town Dispensary, and Ann Arbor Health Collective.

Do you have a blowtorch in your bedroom? If you're a loyal dabber, you'll love Uncle Morty's Extracts, which include tasty oil, wax, and rosin, as well as chocolate. You can find the concentrates at ArborSide, a dispensary at 1818 Packard St. in Ann Arbor.