Best Of 2015

Best Bar That Stands as the Last Cass Corridor Stronghold: Jumbo's Bar

3736 Third St., Detroit; 313-831-8949

The meteoric rise of Midtown has brought about an influx of new patrons for a number of establishments. In doing so, many have absorbed new environments, full of bustling college kids from Wayne State, especially on the weekends. While that may be the case, tucked away south of Selden, on Third, remains Jumbo's, whose original owner was known as the "Mayor of the Cass Corridor." New bars and eateries — e.g., Selden Standard, La Feria — have crept closer to the boundary line of Jumbo's, but for now, this one-of-a-kind dive maintains what it has always been: a friendly neighborhood watering hole for all walks of life.