Best Of 2014

Best Party Store: Conant-Caniff Market; 11303 Conant St., Hamtramck; 313-892-3685

With more than a decade on the block, this Hamtramck party store sells everything, all to a perpetual soundtrack of blaring classic rock. From a tuner that’s continuously locked on 94.7-FM, it not only echoes throughout the store but through special outdoor speakers out in the parking lot. This idiosyncrasy has earned it such nicknames as “the Rock ’n’ Roll Party Store” and — riffing on the store’s towering shelves — “the Tall and Loud.” Did we say they sell everything? Not just snacks, food, wine, beer and liquor, but clothes, tools and even some hardware. Heck, once, we needed a new battery terminal for our car, which had conked out in their lot, and the dude came out and replaced it for us for a small charge. Now that’s service!i>