Best Of 2014

Best Local Radio Personality, Best Local Radio News/Talk Show: Craig Fahle, WDET-FM, 101.9

Here’s the thing we find most impressive about Craig Fahle and the show that bears his name: The live weekday broadcast, which airs from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. (and is repeated in the evenings from 7-9 p.m.) is an amazing amalgam of arts, culture, music and the most current of hard news — and Fahle manages (with the help of hard-working producers Joan Isabella and Amy Miller) to sound like he’s well-informed about everything, no matter what’s being discussed. The questions are insightful (we know, because we’re on the air with him for the final segment every Wednesday) and the phone-in debates are vigorous. This is public radio at its best.