Best Of 2014

Best Future Stunt for George Cushingberry Jr.: Smoke crack with strippers

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford became a household name this year after the right-wing politician revealed he previously hit the crack pipe an unknown number of times. To some extent, Ford used the incident to his advantage; his colleagues stripped him of his power, but recent polls showed support for the mayor has actually increased. Cush made waves early in his tenure for a late-night traffic stop that local media outlets blanketed with coverage. At the time, we urged the city council president pro-tem to ease back and avoid drawing unnecessary attention that the media, who did such an outstanding job not vetting candidates during the election season, would fawn over. MT readers offered the most outlandish option for Cush to break the mold, again: Join the ranks of Rob Ford and smoke a little crack, with strippers. We can only hope (and do believe) this will only remain a reader-suggested outcome and not become reality.