Best Of 2014

Best Snacks in a Classic Cocktail Bar: White Truffle Popcorn at the Sugar House; 2130 Michigan Ave., Detroit; 313-962-0123;

It’s late in the evening. You’ve been to a soiree, and, elegantly dressed, you’ve waited your turn for a table. Finally seated, the first sips of the evening’s curated cocktail consumption cross your lips. A snack is in order. At the Sugar House, choices abound: peanuts, cookies, pickles, relishes, charcuterie … but, for $2, a basket of popcorn is available. Now, bars have served popcorn for years‚ many for free, and some even encouraging you to serve yourself out of a carnival machine — but this … this is a far cry from that. A hit of that holiest of holies, white truffle oil, is applied to this popcorn, transforming it from a plebeian bar nosh into a truly transcendent experience. Salty and delicious as you’d expect from popcorn, but strangely complementing the drinks, and fitting perfectly into the decor, the style, the feel of the place. Even later, you’ll taste the truffles on your date’s lips as you kiss goodnight. mt