Best Of 2014

Best Rising Restaurant Destination Neighborhood: Corktown

O lucky Corktown, to be blessed with so many establishments where bold flavor rules the day: Slows, Astro Coffee and Mercury Burger rub shoulders on the same block of formerly desolate Michigan Avenue; Detroit Institute of Bagels, Brooklyn Local and P.J.’s Lager House share another, and Ottava Via, St. Cece’s, Green Dot, Le Petit Zinc and a new branch of downtown’s Bucharest Grill are nearby. Spirits are represented by Motor City Wine and Two James Distillery. A new deli is even in the works. That’ll be more than a dozen high-quality restaurants opened or reborn since 2011, in each case with owners striving both to give us out-of-the-ordinary food and to rejuvenate urbanism. That is, to make it fun to live in the city. Progressive dinners — or pub crawls — have never been so achievable.