Best Of 1999

Best of Detroit 1999

You said it. And said it again. And again. Metro Times readers know how to fill out a ballot, and fill it out well. You made sure your opinions got here on time and in your best handwriting, all ready to stand up and be counted.

The tireless Best of Detroit counting team worked late into the night and early into the morning to get your tens of thousands of opinions tabulated and tallied, and, when the results were compiled, to track down the truth about the best places out there. Here’s what we noticed:

Maybe it’s premillennial jitters, maybe it’s just an all-consuming sense of loyalty to your tried-and-true favorites, maybe you’re just really compulsive – whichever it was, the tone of this year’s responses was intense. You know which places are best, and you let us know, too.

You also gave us some insights into the current metro Detroit zeitgeist. Your observations in the categories of "You Know You’re a Detroiter When" and "Best Motto to Replace ‘It’s a Great Time in Detroit’" were witty, sarcastic and sometimes downright poignant. Your words hit home, and we’ve included many of our favorites.

Your political feelings were strong, too, especially when it comes to important civic issues – such as snow removal. You told us what you think about our governing rulers, and – in some cases – what you’d like to do with and/or to them.

But you’re not all vindictive or cruel. You clearly like to play and party, shop and shag (yup, and you told us all about it in the "Romance and Its Consequences" section ... turn there first for the best pick-up – and put-down – lines we’ve heard since we hit the singles bars).

You like to eat, and eat you do: You shared the goodies, from Wayne and Washtenaw to Oakland and Macomb counties. And then you finished it all off with drinks, all around the four counties of the metro area.

So here’s to our readers, for sharing their wit and wisdom. You’ve voted, and we’ve counted, and here are the results. Save this issue so you can find it next time you’re looking for a place to eat Thai food, go for an afternoon date, shop for sex toys, sip a beer, party up a storm or just kill some time. You can rest assured: It’s The Best. — Alisa Gordaneer