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Something's Gotta Give December 17, 2003

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  • Game of chance

    Probing Vegas' seedy underbelly
      There’s something childish in William H. Macy’s features, but the creases and sags under his eyes suggest an adult’s measure of sadness. With The Cooler, Macy adds another loser to his highlight reel — Bernie Lootz, a man who spreads bad luck for a living at a downtown Las Vegas casino. Alec Baldwin plays the old-school casino boss and Maria Bello plays the cocktail waitress who brings drinks to Lootz at work and love to his seedy motel room. Despite all the quality work, Kramer ends serves up too much easy symbolism in the final act.
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  • Horse tales

    Disney presents silly little white lie.

      Hidalgo is Disney’s version of the story of Frank T. Hopkins and the mustang he rode to victory in a 3,000-mile race through the Middle Eastern desert in 1890. Viggo Mortensen shows up looking like a Ralph Lauren model who was kidnapped from a shoot for the fall catalog. The race itself sets up a Viggo of Arabia scenario with a few too many Arabic stereotypes. To spark some energy, there’s the occasional action sequence and a running philosophical debate over determinism versus free will.

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  • The Big Bounce

      Any Hollywood director with a modicum of skill should be able to make a decent movie from an Elmore Leonard novel, so don’t blame Mr. Leonard for The Big Bounce, a dull travel film. Assign 95 percent of the blame to director George Armitage, screenwriter Sebastian Gutierrez. Let’s get this straight: Elmore Leonard’s intricate plots don’t work simply because they’re intricate. They work because Leonard humanizes his characters to such a depth that even outlandish actions seem reasonable. The Big Bounce likely will be only a small bump for most involved.
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  • Something's Gotta Give

      Director Nancy Meyers’ date flick for very mature audiences often has the look of a drug commercial: blue skies, strollers holding hands at the beach. Yet, through sheer talent, Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson nearly get this heavier-than-air romance off the ground. Also starring Keanu Reeves and Amanda Peet.
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  • Honey

      Try mixing a "Making The Video" segment with 8 Mile, add a healthy dose of Jessica Alba’s midriff, and you’ve got Honey, in which Alba’s belly button does more emoting than the rest of her body combined. Success stumbles onto Alba’s character, as she goes from teaching hip-hop dancing in the hood to VIP video choreography with no obstacles to overcome. While Honey works itself into a sweat spooning tales of triumph over adversity, it neglects that essential dose of sour.
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