Your one-stop summer music festival shop

The Road Show has it all

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Your one-stop summer music festival shop
Photo by Liv Martin

The Road Show

28500 Gratiot Ave., Roseville; 586-779-7623; Open: 10:30 a.m.-8:45 p.m. Monday-Saturday, noon-4:45 p.m. Sunday

Summer music festivals have slowly inched their way to becoming the best places to see as many bands as possible in any given weekend. Never before could you see Tears for Fears, followed by Mumford and Sons, and then Slayer all in the same night, but this is the variety that festival organizers are bringing to the table. And these days it's just as important to dress the part as it is to know which bands are playing.

The Road Show, a funky retail shop that's been operating in Roseville since the '70s, sells clothes, obscure gifts, and trinkets to festivalgoers and hash-loving folk. A wonderfully bizarre counterculture of tie-dye, drug rugs, moon-shaped body jewelry, and headbands are proudly displayed in the 9,000-square-foot shop that keeps customers entertained for hours as they browse and rummage.

The purple-painted building has become a landmark in the city of Roseville. The store once was a literal roadshow, hopping around Roseville for 40-plus years. Its current location, on Gratiot between 11 and 12 Mile, has been there since 2005. Since then, owner Bruce Hoffman has been flipping inventory every month and constantly adds new products.

So what's new at the Road Show? Hoffman tells us that crystals have become a huge seller in the past couple of months. People will come in and feel the crystals, which "give off healing powers." Turkish lamps have also become a trend recently, and the Road Show's stock includes a colorful variety of lamps that are beautifully made, with intricate details that make them appear authentic.

So what should you buy if you're going to Movement, Mo Pop, or heading out-of-state for Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza? For ladies, the Road Show has tons of lightweight, breathable dresses that have a bohemian/hippy vibe. There are lots of floppy hats to hide your face from the sun, and tons of jewelry that give off the essence of summer. Lots of silver, gold, turquoise, and hemp with glass beads.

If you get cold at night, there are tons of drug rugs that will keep you warm without overheating you like a hoodie or jacket. If you're camping at a festival, there is a huge selection of tapestries that you can hang up at your campsite to shield you from the harsh sun. They all have great designs, and are guaranteed less expensive than the ones at Pier 1 or Urban Outfitters. And if you're going to partake in semi-illegal activities — well, the Road Show has an 18-and-older backroom with pipes and bongs galore.

The Road Show really feels like a family store. Hoffman and his wife are there every day, and you can tell the employees actually enjoy their gig. It's the opposite of a corporate shop aimed at the same demographic. If you're ever in need of festival gear — or you just want to look through fun clothes and take a gander at a giant-ass snake or baby hedgehogs (yes, they have those too) — the Road Show is a must-stop shop.

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