You can now bid on a Silverdome urinal autographed by Barry Sanders

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Lions fans with a hole burning in their pocket can now bid on a urinal recovered from the Pontiac Silverdome signed by Barry Sanders (via Deadspin).

This strange saga started when Triple Investment Group — the company that acquired the Silverdome in 2009 — started auctioning off items from the former home of the Lions last year. Sanders took it upon himself to tweet "FYI - I am not signing any urinals...", which created a media sensation.

Ebay user mgk086 won two urinals (along with two sinks, three showers, a toilet, two stall partitions) for the sum of $23. He managed to get Sanders' autograph on one of them from a public signing event with Detroit City Sports at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights:

Already having Barry’s autograph on a jersey, football, and hat, I did the logical thing and decided to attach the urinal to a dolly and see if he would sign it. I was quite nervous wheeling in the urinal (which I had bleached and power washed multiple times) to ask my childhood idle to sign it. After a long wait, I reached the table with Barry and I uncovered the urinal telling him it was from his old locker room. He responded “Are you for real?”. I said “Yes, will you sign it?”. Barry said “I refuse” and after a short pause he laughed and said “no problem, where should I sign”. 

This could be the perfect gift for the Lions fan with an equal appreciation for Dadaist art.

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