Y2K party guide

Dec 22, 1999 at 12:00 am

Millennium Fever is going around ... it seems even the most laid-back among us are getting excited (and apprehensive) about all those nines turning over. How will you celebrate? There are a few big rock 'n' roll blowouts in town, or you could decide it's best to stay home with the ol' VCR. But don't limit yourself to these suggestions — we've also compiled a comprehensive guide to everything happening this New Year's Eve, so you can find out where best to party like it's, uh, you know...

Happy New Year from the Metro Times!

Anywhere but there

You think you're gonna have a lousy time on December31? It would be much, much worse on a stalled train in Sydney, Australia (or one of these other pitiable places).

Roll & rock into 2000
New Year's blowouts in the Motor City promise great music, flaming arrows — and good odds for smooching with strangers. Here's a list of the biggest shows in town.

Auld Lang-xiety
What if it's all true? Here's what some metro Detroiters plan to do if the power goes down and the looting hordes get loose.

Movie into the future
Stay home and rent a science fiction classic as we hit the big Two Thousand ... rewinds and fast-forwards for the new millennium's eve.

Bag it
Feel free to suck up the booze this New Year — with no fear of pesky drink-spikers! The Lizard puts fun on the safe side.

Attention Span
How to celebrate the New Year — with a few cases of brewski ... a bowl of commemorative cereal ... and a plan for surviving when the power goes out.