Wired Detroit 1998

Nov 18, 1998 at 12:00 am

Chasing URLs
by Chris Handyside
Detroit artists learn their way around the online circuit.

The next generation
by Kristin Palm
Youth and seniors meet in cyberspace.

Computers for all
by Kristin Palm
Information have-nots become information have-lots at DPL.

Eco-activists online
by Curt Guyette
Internet becomes tool for thinking globally and acting locally.

Techno java
by Summer Krecke
The next generation of coffee house puts a new spin on communication.

Welcome to the Silicon Speedway
by Sandy Jaszczak
The smooth functioning of the Internet hinges on the computers of one Dearborn company.

They say you'll pay
by Sandy Jaszczak
Net expert predicts the future of the Internet.

Unwired Detroit?
by Ann Mullen

Union claims Ameritech provides better phone service to the suburbs.