We need to talk about the metro Detroit native on 'The Bachelorette'

Straight women, gay men, and bi-curious bros — we need to talk about the guy from The Bachelorette who is from Grosse Pointe Park. His name is Alex Bordyukov and he is a regulation hottie.

click to enlarge Alex Bordyukov. - COURTESY ABC
Courtesy ABC
Alex Bordyukov.

But to fully understand why Alex is such a Grade-A hottie, we must look back at his performance on The Bachelorette thus far.

At first, our feelings towards Alex were a little skewed. In the season premiere, Alex made it seem like he was from Detroit, when he was really from Grosse Pointe Park. As we all know, saying you're from Detroit when you're actually from the 'burbs is a big no-no, but as the season has gone on the show always says he's from GPP, so he won some respect back with us.

When Alex first made his first appearance to bachelorette Rachel, he stepped out of the limo with a vacuum and some dance movies, which was totally embarrassing but in an adorable way.

I mean, c'mon. He's got moves and is willing to do household chores. Plus his job title actually sounds legit and he's a Wayne State alum, so +1,000 points to you, Alex.

He kept a low profile on the second episode of the season, but thankfully the tides changed on last night's episode when Alex turned into a thirst trap for all of America.

Rachel took half of her suitors on a group date to the Ellen Degeneres show (casual, I know) and of course Ellen had to embarrass these guys on national television.  Instead of Ellen doing the dancing for the audience, she made the guys dance in the audience for dollars...which prompted the guys to take their shirts off.

Same, Blanche. Same.

You can watch the full video here, but we rounded up GIFs of Alex giving us the moves and it's a lot.

First of all, Ellen didn't even tell the guys to take their shirts off, but Alex was the first one to do so and everyone else followed suit.

We like to call that initiative.

Then the dancing started and all hell broke loose from there. Enjoy.


Can someone please explain to me how this was on daytime TV because I am feeling a lot of things right now.

Anyway, there are like five more GIFs of Alex body rolling over middle-aged women that we would love to share, but for the sake of time I think you get the picture.

After the dirty dancing concluded, Ellen and the boys played a rousing game of "Never Have I Ever" and Alex answered every question truthfully, including if he's ever thought about having sex with Rachel and admitting that he's peed in the pool at the Bachelorette mansion.

Oddly enough, Rachel liked his bluntness and gave him a rose before the ceremony happened, giving us another week of looking at his chiseled abs and strong, Russian jawline.  

Us, too Rachel...us, too.
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