We love movies. We love Detroit. We're pretty sure you love both of those things too, and so we proudly welcome you to join us here at the B roll, a place where those two great interests can get together and mingle, to safely get their respective chocolate all over their peanut butter so to speak. Here you will find all the buzz, tidbits, rumors, innuendo, scuttlebutt and marginalia about the movies and the people who make them that we couldn't squeeze into the paper. With Michigan quickly becoming Hollywood mid west, we will be on the scene, sniffing for clues and inside info on huge studio productions and tiny local efforts alike. Stars are popping up all around the metro area, being spotted like Bigfoot. From Clint Eastwood making people's day in Grosse Pointe to Piper Perabo iat UDM to Zach Galifinakis grabbing a take menu in Birmingham, we'll be where the cameras are.

You'll also find rants and rhapsodies, in depth analysis and flights of fancy, the exposed gray matter of a couple guys who are truly passionate about the movies and can't wait to share that passion with you. Consider this the internet extension of those funny, intense, sometimes heated conversations we have in the theater lobby after the credits roll, a chance to talk movies in a different way, a chance to take off our professional critics hats and get loose. Here we will trade in raw, unvarnished opinions, just like fans. From the big budget spectaculars to the micro budget indies, we'll devour it all, and give you our honest to blog opinions, and never, ever hold back

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