Was it good for you?

The condition known as "transient global amnesia" can be triggered by sex. What's been most mind-blowing for you — if you remember?

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The condition known as "transient global amnesia" can be triggered by sex. What's been most mind-blowing for you — if you remember?


What was that phrase in Catcher in the Rye about playing a woman's body like a violin? Yeah, some men can do that. They really can. 

—That Person Who Won't Shut Up, 56, "ummmmm" partners, straight 


He put me on his shoulders for oral. I was essentially weightless and touching nothing except the ceiling with my fingertips. He kept going through all the screaming and wiggling. It was like nothing else I've ever experienced. 

—Deli, 27, 15 partners, straight


It was so mind-blowing I can't share for the fear that it might blow your mind. 

—LovePeaceSexHappy, 37, 20+ partners, straight


I once came so hard I became paraplegic for a few minutes. I literally could not walk. I still think about it fondly. 

—Jose Queervo, 31, 45 partners, gay


I had an out-of-body experience after my first vaginal orgasm — thought I was manically blinking for five minutes straight, but was told I didn't move my eyes or eyelids once. 

—Paige Turner 22, 3 partners, straight 


My friend was in a band with this guy, and he had a sticker on his guitar case that said "I have the biggest D!ck in this band." I don't know the other guys well enough to compare, but I believe him. I got some of his headboard under my fingernails and my throat hurt from continuous screams of delight. 

—Vicious Orchid, 24, 24 partners, straight 


I was with an ex-boyfriend for a while. He told me a fantasy he had about me for years and we played it out. It was pretty rough and hard and lasted for hours. 

—Nanette, 49, 11 partners, straight


Just crying my eyes out after a series of amazing orgasms with my now-hubby. It was love at first sight, but the sex put me over the edge to Cloud 9. 

—Eliza, 33, straight


The most mind-blowing would have been after getting blown out from the bong, having my girlfriend at the time fuck me with the strap-on, and I had a bullet on my clit, and as I was getting ready to come she choked me with one hand and fucked me in the ass with the other hand. Mind-fucking-blowing. 

—Lipstick Lesbian, 24, "25ish" partners, gay 


These questions are ruining my desire to have sex. 

—Anonymous, 27, 17,234 partners, straight

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