War paint

Aug 9, 2000 at 12:00 am
Getting to glamour extremes calls for heavy-duty cosmetic artillery. That’s why companies such as New York City’s Manic Panic are still around. For “dyehards” only, the uncalled-for hair colors in the Manic Panic line are still stylin’ staples in the medicine cabinets of the truly adventurous. Because of this company, various shades of shocking red, yellow, green, orange, purple, blue and pink have shown up on heads everywhere, including some of the best-known rock stars of the past two decades. Among the wild hair color hall-of-famers on the MP Web site are Cyndi Lauper, the Lunachicks, a hairdresser and an unidentified black lab with a red Mohawk. There’s something for everyone in their ever-growing rainbow of dyes and makeup. False lashes, lipsticks, body glitter, clip-on hair extensions, creams, powders, sticks, wigs and more add additional depth to this unconventional color roster. Manic Panic cream and gel semipermanent hair dyes come in Cotton Candy Pink, Deadly Nightshade, Infra Red, Purple Haze, Green Envy, Electric Sunshine and many others. They sell for about $12 per tube or jar and are widely available in hip urban stores. Visit www.manicpanic.com for more details. The Web site also offers information on new products and advice on how to use Manic Panic dyes. Norene Cashen pays attention here every other week. E-mail [email protected]