VIDEO: These Red Wings fans made an epic cup tower on a sleeping fan's head

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We present to you the Leaning Tower of Beer Cups, friends.

At a Red Wings game this past Friday, a video was recorded of a fan stacking beer cups on top of a passed out guy's head because that's how bored people get during the intermissions of Red Wings games apparently.

As you can see in the video, the guy did a pretty good job of balancing the cups on the sleeping guy's head, and it even prompted a chant of "one more cup" to encourage his mission of building a cup tower.

The video ultimately raises the question to why this guy was passed out in the first place. Was he too hammered? Where are his friends? Is he narcoleptic? Did he have a ride home? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

He seems to wake up at the end of the video, so not all hope was lost for this questionably drunk guy. Hopefully he made it home safe!

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