VIDEO: The stars of 'Detroiters' discuss TV ads, metro Detroit vs. Detroit, and Outback Steakhouse with Seth Meyers

Mar 6, 2017 at 11:28 am

For those watching the Comedy Central show Detroiters every Tuesday night, you may have noticed that the commercials that Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson's characters make resemble some other commercials that we sometimes view in metro Detroit. Perhaps "sexy specs" will ring a bell?

The duo was one Late Night with Seth Meyers last week to talk all things Detroit, and that includes the hilarious (and often low-budget) commercials that are burned into metro Detroiters' minds and inspires the commercials on the show.

Robinson and Richardson revealed that those old D.O.C. Sexy Specs commercials with the dancing guy was one inspiration for the kind of ads their characters would make on the TV show — memorable and pretty cheesy.

At the top of the interview, Meyers says that the comedians are both from Detroit and Tim Robinson is quick to correct Meyers that he is from the suburbs and not from the city. "I have to say it," quips Robinson when Meyers chuckles at the correction. Richardson even adds in "they fact check."

In a second lip from the interview, the comedians also talk about their beautiful bromance that inspires the buddy-buddy relationship of the show.