VIDEO: 'SNL' mines Ann Arbor film culture for laughs

Oct 17, 2016 at 2:23 pm

Emily Blunt stars in a new film, Qua, which featured at the 16th Annual Ann Arbor Short Film Festival on Saturday. If you’ve never heard of the film or the festival, though, that’s because it exists only in Lorne Michaels’ Saturday Night Live universe.

The October 15th episode of the longstanding variety show included a sketch built around this fictionalized version of the real-life Ann Arbor Film Festival. In the sketch, a 20-person theater airs a short movie high on style and low on substance. After the final scene, SNL’s Alex Moffat invites the cast and crew to the stage for a Q&A session.

19 of the 20 audience members stand and scurry to the stage, leaving a confused Vanessa Bayer as the lone unaffiliated attendee. Extreme awkwardness ensues.

On the heels of a Drake-headlined skit, in which the Toronto rapper played a lingo-challenged University of Michigan alumnus, SNL again mined the campus’ fertile ground of liberal arts intellectualism for laughs. The target of the show's latest satire was pleased with the outcome: