Tyler Martin shares her style secrets

Weekly Detroit street fashion.

Jun 17, 2014 at 9:31 pm

In addition to being MT’s listings editor, Tyler Martin is known around the office for her impeccable style, so naturally we had to ask her to share her secrets. We caught her on her way out to catch a Las Cafeteras show at the DIA on Friday, a band she interviewed on her own recently launched blog, the Cosmic Closet, which she calls “a style and culture blog focused on creating content for women of color.” Of her own style, Tyler broke down her outfit from hair (“If you’re good at it, it takes, like, eight bobby pins, but I’m pretty sure I use an entire pack to get it to stay like this”) to her toes (“I was looking for Jeffrey Campbells; they’re hot shit right now”). So what’s Martin’s philosophy? “I’m a firm believer in the Yves Saint Laurent saying ‘Fashions fade, but style is eternal.’ Fashion is an industry, but style is art.” 

Sunglasses … Karma Loop … $20

Earrings … antiques … $5

Black sheer blouse … H&M … $24

Purple crop top … Forever 21 … $10

Floral skirt … (“I wore this to my middle school graduation. I don’t even remember what it is.”)

Sandals … Forever 21 … $13