Tron Again

Mar 31, 2010 at 1:30 am
The original Tron was a bit of an acquired taste. And as a tweenage geek when it came out, it was exactly the kind of pop sci-fi cinema I craved. The effects were decent for the time, the storyline thin, but Jeff Bridges and David Warner made the whole stupid thing work.

And if you're an aging GenX'er like me, you probably remember dropping untold quarters into the multi-tasked Tron arcade game. I was really good at the cone and tank levels, held my own against the grid bugs but totally bit it in the light cycle game.

Next winter Disney releases Tron Legacy, the sequel. I didn't have high hopes for the thing... until I saw the trailers. Now, I'm more than intrigued. I'm feeling my geek juices starting to flow.

Check them out and try to resist the desire to dig out your acid-wash jeans and Adam Ant records.